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You want to perform your piece of art on stage and be a part of LIVE MESSAGE FESTIVAL?

The THEME for the Shows 2020 is „QUO VADIS?!“ Application-Deadline for participants: Friday, 6th of September 2019 .

All applicants will be presented to the jury of the LIVE MESSAGE FESTIVAl-AWARD powered by NORDHYP.

All applicants will be informed by email by September 14th 2019.

The Emotions-Award 2020, presented by Nordhyp is donated with 3000,00€. All Show - Acts (accept Link2dance Company) are participating.

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we recommend uploading the video on YouTube as ,,unlisted'' or on Vimeo as ,,only people i choose can see this video''
Please give us detailed desription on your requirements for your stage performance
You´re almost done and we thank you very much for your application. If you have questions or difficulties with uploading your files, pics, videos please do not hesitate to conact us: